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Bluclad is a leading company in the field of galvanic treatments, specializing particularly in galvanic processes applied to create unique finishes on accessories intended for the luxury and high-fashion world. In addition to offering high-quality and reliable products, what sets Bluclad apart has always been its commitment to providing constant and efficient technical support to both accessory manufacturers and fashion houses.
With state-of-the-art laboratories, Bluclad is also the reference point for the development of new processes and exclusive finishes, always aimed at delivering better and innovative products.

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Technical Support

Bluclad is the trusted partner for specific galvanic solutions tailored for the production of accessories for high-fashion houses. With a global presence, we provide unparalleled technical support worldwide. Our expertise in the field of galvanic processing ensures highly specialized assistance...

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Research Laboratory

In our laboratory, ideas come to life and become reality. In the laboratory, our top-notch skilled technicians work together every day to develop new galvanic solutions and improve their impact on our planet. Through a combination of scientific knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering commitment to innovation, our mission is to drive change in galvanic research and development in the industry...

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Our Projects

Patents are a crucial tool for us, as they protect innovations, incentivize investments in research and development, and contribute to maintaining a competitive advantage.
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New Electrodeposition Process of Aluminum on fashion accessories through the development of DES and subsequent coloring...
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The purpose of this commitment is to provide credible assurance both about the product's quality and the ethicality of the supply chain. The RJC has developed a certification system that all members must adhere to and comply with...
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Our Partnerships

Partnerships are an important means for Bluclad in terms of expansion, efficiency, and risk mitigation.
Cultivating and consistently developing new partnerships enables us to create a healthy, innovative, and competitive service.

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